HFC Services

Hybrid fiber coax (HFC) is the term that describes the service delivery architecture used by cable operators and multi-system operators (MSO). The architecture includes a combination of fiber optic cabling and coaxial cabling to distribute video, data and voice content.

HFC Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots are internet access points where people can access to a wi-fi network using a computer, smartphone or another device while away from home or office network. These hotspots help people access faster internet connections than what is often available on cellular networks.

Small Cells

How people connect in urban areas will become increasingly important as we densify networks for 5G. Easy to install, low-cost and high performing solutions will be at the forefront of this densification, including small cells. Small cells will help unleash innovation on a massive scale, delivering superior coverage and signal penetration in even the densest urban areas.

Air Strands


Emergency Recovery

The temporary telecom systems that can be deployed quickly to replace the damaged critical telecommunications infrastructure and restore the critical telecommunications services during the Telecom Emergency.


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