Excellence in Wireless Backhaul Solutions

With more than a decade of wireless infrastructure development experience, Excell Communications has a unique combination of skill sets and knowledge that streamline the process and shorten the development cycle for wireless backhaul solutions at cell sites.

We have developed, installed, and maintained hundreds of microwave installations throughout the Southeast. Leveraging our years of experience of site development for carriers, our in-house leasing, engineering, and project management teams have proven success with developing microwave facilities.

Excell offers complete construction and installation services for wireless backhaul, including line and antenna installation, RBS installation, path alignment, and testing and acceptance.

Our experience extends past turn up. Our technicians have the expertise, test gear, and proficiency to maintain and troubleshoot microwave networks. Our certified field team leaders have between 5 and 15 years of experience in microwave installations, path alignments and system maintenance, and have worked with manufacturers such as Ceragon, Commscope/Andrew, Dragonwave, RFS, Harris Radio Systems, Alvarion, and Gabrielle, among others.

We can provide a complete solution or any individual component. Not only can we acquire, engineer, and build it, we can support and maintain your microwave backhaul network after installation.