Excellence in Information Distribution

Excell Communications knows that in a fast-paced project environment, efficient information distribution is critical to maintaining our client’s schedule. We offer a simple, very effective system for delivering information and due diligence to our clients. Our web-based Workspace provides you with a timely and secure location to transmit and store project information. By utilizing our Workspace, all project stakeholders will have secure access to project deliverables. Large files, such as NEPA’s or construction drawings, are easily accessed on this password-protected site and can be conveniently downloaded anytime. This transmission of information is two-way which allows the client to download, modify and upload documents back to the Workspace. Posting only the latest working document also ensures that everyone has access to the most recent version.

The Workspace provides an alternative to transmitting deliverables through an email system with limited file size capabilities. You can rely on accessing secure information whenever it is needed - another way we deliver quality service from design to deliverables.