Excellence in Construction Services

Excell Communications offers a full array of construction services to the wireless industry. We have an in-house staff with expertise in tower erection, lines and antenna installation, site civil and electrical work. We also have extensive experience in non-traditional collocation applications such as water tanks, rooftops and billboards.

Our construction employees participate in a comprehensive safety program including OSHA and first aid training. All tower climbers are trained in ComTrain fall protection and rescue. This training is reoccurring to ensure Excell’s teams are current with the latest industry standards.

Our Construction Managers practice a “hands-on” approach and have field experience in all types of installations. We have performed collocation installations for every major carrier and for most every type of equipment. We are committed to delivering quality installations on schedule, with minimal punch items, along with complete and detailed closure documentation. This experience and attention to detail is the final piece to your successful project, from design to deliverables.