Excellence in Construction Project Management

Excell Communications recognizes the complexities of projects and the importance of Construction Project Management starting early in the process. Our design-build philosophy incorporates engineering and construction into a unified activity throughout the entire project. Our emphasis on construction and installation continuity ensures a more efficient, better quality install by our client’s general contractors. This design consistency results in fewer surprises downstream.

Our success is the result of an employee-based team sharing information between internal departments that begins day one of the project. These professionals not only possess construction experience to provide issue resolution in the field, but they also recognize how important schedule attainments are to the success of projects.

We also understand that the construction process is not complete when a site goes into service. Our responsibility is to ensure quality installations reflected by complete and professional closeouts to your satisfaction and provide you with thorough records for the next time the site is touched.

Excell’s CPM service offering is the result of our company delivering you a successful project from design to deliverables.