Excellence in Antenna Upgrade Projects

Excell Communications has consolidated its years of experience into a project method adapted especially for high-volume antenna upgrade projects such as LTE and UMTS. By combining our extensive understanding of real estate, engineering, regulatory, and construction with our project management expertise, we can provide a comprehensive and highly successful approach to high-volume antenna upgrade projects.

Our success with these types of projects is due to the key difference between Excell and other “turnkey” firms: we self-perform our services with long-term employees and therefore give you experienced project teams that are knowledgeable in all aspects and phases of the project, and who can effectively react to change.

Excell has been providing services to the wireless industry since 1998, and our success with large scale antenna upgrade projects is the culmination of our experience. Whether you need a full turnkey approach, a single one of our service offerings, or a combination designed to fit the particular needs of your project, Excell would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. Our results with LTE and UMTS projects are just another way Excell makes our client successful.