Excellence in Utility Telecom Development Services

Excell has nearly twenty years’ experience in civil contracting, engineering, and infrastructure development for the wireless, cable/broadband, and utility industries throughout the Southeast.

Excell provides a wide range of telecom, engineering, and construction services to utilities. Since 2014, Excell has provided real estate, engineering, and construction services for the largest LTE project undertaken by a utility. We are the exclusive project firm for the Fiber-to-the-tower (FTTT) component of this LTE project, responsible for route design, owner approvals, fiber provider coordination, and performing all make-ready tasks needed for fiber delivery. Excell has installed nearly 50 direct bury poles using hydrovac technology inside substations for AMI projects. We are highly experienced installers of MW, SCADA, and AMI antenna and equipment. We provide annual tower inspections and maintenance on tower portfolios.

Excell provides fiber OSP and ISP services to utilities, broadband providers, cable, and wireless companies. We can manage and deliver copper replacement projects end-to-end.

Despite their differences, these projects reflect Excell’s core competencies of engineering, general contracting, real estate, and project management which inform our approach to safely deliver projects on time and on budget. Our construction employees participate in a comprehensive safety program including OSHA and first aid training. All tower climbers are professionally trained in fall protection and rescue. This training is recurring to ensure Excell’s teams are current with the latest industry standards.

Whether your telecom project is simple or complex, small or a complete end-to-end solution for an entire market, Excell has the in-house expertise and experience in wireless, fiber, and civil contracting to make your project successful.